Carol Service

Congratulations to everyone concerned in the carol service.  It really was a very special occasion and I am sure I was not the only one to find it very moving.  There must have been some very proud parents.  It is unfortunate that so many pupils, especially those new to the school, were unable to attend.  They really missed out and being fully involved in school events is an important part of the Pattison ethos.

The retiring collection will be split between the House charities and the Church Building Fund.  Thank you to everyone who contributed.

The PTA excelled themselves with their refreshments and the raffle after the Carol Service.  The hampers that you all contributed to made the raffle very special thank you.  The winners have all collected their various prizes.


Looking back to last term, many congratulations to the Prep School on their production of “Stars Come Out For Christmas”.  It certainly was a Christmas show with a difference, with every pupil being fully involved.  Thank you to the Prep School staff for their hard work ensuring the pupils know their words, to Miss Monique for staging and rehearsing the production, to the parents for providing the costumes, to the PTA for providing the refreshments and of course to the children for entertaining us so well.  I was delighted that Steve worked through the night to enable you to have your DVD orders before we closed for the holiday.  If you forgot to order your copy or if you want additional copies, they can be ordered direct from the videographer by emailing . DVDs cost £18 each.

Coventry Children’s Boot Fund

We had an amazing  response from Senior pupils who volunteered to pack shopping in M&S on Saturday 8 December for the Coventry Children’s Boot Fund. We raised £742 making a total of over £12,000 over the past 15 years. We received so many compliments about how polite and helpful all the pupils were.  Dave Moorcroft, the charity’s patron, will be presenting certificates to those involved at a special assembly on 29 January.


The school day starts at 8.45 but pupils are welcome from 8.30 free of charge.  Any pupil arriving before 8.30am should attend before-school supervision which is available from 8am and not wait in the street or the Senior School driveway where they cannot be supervised.

The majority of our pupils do arrive on time but there are a few who regularly arrive late, even after 9am! Their late arrival is disruptive to other pupils’ learning and staff.  In the Prep School the gate is locked for the safety of pupils from 8.45am.  Parents arriving late have to contact Mrs Hanks, who in turn has to contact the Nursery  and a member of staff comes out to open the gate rather than work with children as they should be doing.

Being persistently late is showing children that education is not something to be taken seriously, furthermore, a considerable amount of learning is being missed at the start of the day when children are at their freshest.

If you are experiencing difficulties getting your child to school for 8.45, please do contact us and we will see if there is any way we can help.


I am very aware that there have been problems with obtaining uniform from Clive Mark and I am meeting with two of their staff on Thursday. There has been a change of management and it looks as if the pop-up uniform sales in school can be reinstated which would be very helpful.  I will keep you informed.

An awful lot of unnamed uniform is ending up in lost property.  It is impossible to reunite it with its owner as it is unnamed, which is such a pity and such a waste of money.  Most uniform has a white label inside so that the name can be written on with a permanent marker and it would be helpful if parents could check their child’s uniform, both school wear as well as dance and sports uniform, before the start of term.  Whist you are checking, could you see if your child has inadvertently taken home someone else’s uniform as there are a number of named items that have gone missing. Thank you for your help in this matter.

A reminder that the only students who may wear leggings or similar around school are the post 16 students. We allow senior pupils to change into dance wear for their lessons at break times to save time but they must wear regulation jazz trousers or track suit bottoms over their tights or leggings and certainly never go between buildings without covering up.  We do not want pupils attracting unwanted attention to themselves I am sure you will agree.