This year’s GCSE Results were a credit to the pupils, and the staff who taught them. Overall they achieved 85% Grades 4 and above, which is well above the National Average. Congratulations to all, particularly to Head Boy William who achieved three Grade 9s and four Grade 8s.

The data for  2018  is suppressed in the DfE Performance Tables due to the small number of students.  However, the DfE Progress 8 measure for this cohort was 4.08. This score is “well above average” being higher than 0.5. The average is 0. Only “About 14% of schools in England” have achieved “well above average”.

The graph below shows Pattison College A*-C results (including English & Maths) compared to England average.

From 2017 the graph shows the percentage of pupils achieving Grade 4 or above in English and Maths.  This reflects the reform of GCSEs and the change to a new grading scale from 9 (top grade) to 1, with 4 being the equivalent of a C.



A reminder that Pattison College is a non-selective school.