Educational Visits

Educational visits are a crucial part of a pupil’s life as they add to work done in the classroom and often give a different perspective on a topic being studied. They also help to enrich and broaden the pupils’ horizons. Educational visits are age-appropriate and fit in with the pupils’ studies and, as a result, can be for any subject. Exhibitions, conferences, museums and field trips all have value and enjoyment and help pupils to see the wider world of a topic.
In the Prep School, we aim that pupils have at least two outings a year. Again, this may be a visit to the theatre or a visit to enhance a particular aspect of their curriculum, e.g. a Victorian day at St. John’s Museum in Warwick.
We are planning – any future restrictions notwithstanding – to offer residential trips again, both in this country and abroad.
We welcome visitors into school, to give lectures or hold workshops, on a variety of themes, or to discuss careers in certain fields. We want our pupils to remember their schooldays for all the right reasons, and visits and visitors certainly play their part.
"Our son loves every day in Pattison Nursery. The care and expert guidance of the staff has given him the best possible start to his school life."
Reception parent