At Pattison College our Key Stage 1 is quite special; it is one class comprising both Year 1 and 2 children.  This means children, between the ages 5 to 7, have 2 years to learn the Key Stage objectives.  This gives the younger children a better chance of meeting those learning objectives and allows the older children time to grow in confidence.

‘Speaking and Listening’ is now considered a major contributor to good literacy skills and mixed age/ability is an ideal environment in which to encourage this.  Each pupil, regardless of age or ability, has a voice and all children have a sense of worth within the classroom.  Our Key Stage 1 children are also given individual teacher time, reading aloud and having their reading books changed daily.

The children are also given additional specialist teaching in Music, Art, PE/Swimming, Dance and Speech and there are opportunities to perform throughout the school year.

Year 1 pupils have a Phonics assessment and Year 2 pupils take the Key Stage 1 SATs at the age of 7.

During the Autumn and Spring Terms pupils in Years 1 & 2 attend the Alan Higgs Centre, to take part in a variety of sporting activities including ball skills, to improve hand –eye coordination, team games such as touch rugby, volley ball and hockey, as well as Short Tennis.  In the Summer Term they are taken to the Alan Higgs Centre for weekly swimming lessons with professional coaches.

The Upper Infants have some of their dance classes during the school day. It important for children to have plenty of exercise and once back in the classroom, children settle readily to their work with renewed focus.

Successful education is based on home and school working together. Parents are asked to hear their children read on a regular basis and never to hesitate to call in to see the form teacher if they have any concerns.

We believe our Upper Infant class is an exciting learning experience, full of fun and new challenges.  It is an environment where children can grow happily, exploring new ideas and giving them a sense that learning is indeed a pleasure.