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Ms Thompson takes all pupils from Year 1 to 10.

We follow the National Curriculum.

In Key Stages 1 and 2 there is a two year rolling programme which enables children to progress confidently with the same teacher, whilst meeting the objectives over two years.

Key Stage 1 Years 1 & 2

Year 1: Great Fire of London Collage, 3D Punch & Judy, Shapes

Year 2: Autumn Leaves Collage, Pop-up Chicks, My House

Key Stage 2 Years 3 & 4

Year 1: Tudor Rose Collage, 3D Tudor House, Egyptian Painting

Year 2: Treasure Map, Viking Long Boat, Roman Mosaics, World War II Blitz

Key Stage 2 Years 5 &6:

Year 1:  
Autumn Term: Colour Wheel, Graduation of Tone 1, Autumn Leaves
Winter Term: Winter Landscape, Masks, Easter Baskets
Summer Term: Collage Fish, Printing

Year 2:  
Autumn Term: Colour Wheel 2, Graduation of Tone 2, Snow
Winter Term: House & Garden, Patterns & Textures
Summer Term: Collage Butterflies, Printing

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Key Stage 3 & 4

Throughout KS3, as well as producing their own artwork, pupils look at the work of a range of artists and learn how to understand contemporary art and artefacts and those from other cultures.  They are encouraged to participate in discussion and develop the confidence to express opinion and make judgements about their own work and that of others.

Art is a non-examination subject.  Pupils so enjoy their work that we have arranged for one 70 minute lesson per week for Year 10 pupils so that those who want to continue further can build up a portfolio as evidence of work covered.

Year 7:
Autumn Term:  Observation & Planning, Tone, Ellipses & Spheres, Charcoal & Chalk, Pen & Ink, Composition
Winter Term:     Fruit & Vegetables
Summer Term:  Portraits, Oil Pastels, Single Point Perspective, Printing

Year 8:
Autumn Term:  Mixed Media – Continuation of a Picture
Winter Term:     Tonal Painting, Graphic Design
Summer Term:  Heraldry, Collage

Key Stage 3 & 4​

Year 9:
Autumn Term:  Through the Hole – Banksy
Winter Term:     Around the Work
Summer Term:  Collage, Own Piece

Year 10: 
Autumn Term: Weaving, Fabric Painting, Sewing
Winter Term:    Self Portrait, Acrylic Painting
Summer Term: Sculpture

Years 1 & 2:       One 70 minute lesson per week alternating ½ termly.
Years 3 & 4:       One 70 minute lesson per week.
Years 5 & 6:       One 70 minute lesson per week, taken in the Senior School Art Room.
Years 7 & 8:       One 70 minute lesson per week.
Year 9:               One 105 minute lesson per week.
Year 10:                One 70 minute lesson per week.