We follow the National Curriculum.

In Key Stages 1 and 2 there is a two year rolling programme which enables children to progress confidently with the same teacher, whilst meeting the objectives over two years.

Key Stage 1

Year 1:
Where in the World?, An Island Home, Going to the seaside.

Year 2:
Contrasting Locality overseas e.g. Mexico, France, Around Our School, How Can We Make Our Local Area Safer?

Key Stage 2 Years 3 & 4

Year 1:
Weather around the world, Village settlers, What’s in the news

Year 2:
Rivers and Mountains, Maps and Mapping, Investigating the local area, Improving the Environment.

Key Stage 2 Years 5 & 6

Year 1:
What’s in the news?, Water, Should the High Street be closed to traffic?, Should houses be built, Connecting ourselves to the world,  A contrasting locality in the UK, An environmental issue, Planning and new housing development.

Year 2:
Investigating Rivers, Investigating Coasts, The Mountain Environment, Passport to the world, Geography and numbers.

Key Stages 3 & 4

Mr North takes Geography for the whole senior school.

Geography is part of the curriculum for all pupils in Years 7 to 11 and at Key Stage 3 it generally follows the recommended National Curriculum themes.

Throughout the senior school each pupil has their own text book, used alongside ICT back-up. Increasingly, lessons are delivered with the aid of ICT.

Year 7                    

Autumn Term: Introduction to geography It’s your planet; Maps and map reading; About the UK

Spring Term: Glaciers; Rivers & Flooding

Summer Term: Africa; The Horn of Africa.


Year 8                      

Autumn Term: Weather & Climate; Population; Urbanisation

Spring Term: Our Warming Planet; Asia

Summer Term: Using GIS – Geography & Crime; Southwest Asia


Year 9                      

Autumn Term: From Rock to Soil; Living of Earth’s Resources; Earning a Living

Spring Term: International Development; Our Restless Planet; Russia

Summer Term: Middle East; Start GCSE Course

Key Stage 4 Years 10 & 11

Year 10

Current Year 10 pupils follow the OCR GCSE 9-1 Specification B in Geography.

Autumn term:

Our Natural World:  Global hazards – Changing Climate

Spring term:

Our Natural World: Distinctive landscapes; Our Natural World: Sustaining ecosystems

Summer term:

Fieldwork, Carding Mill Valley river study; People and Society: Urban futures.

Year 11

Current Year 11 pupils are following the OCR GCSE Specification B in Geography, this ends in the summer of 2017.

Autumn Term:

Unit 3 Natural Hazards; Controlled Assessment: fieldwork focus – Carding Mill Valley river study.

Spring term:

Unit 4 Economic Development.

Summer term:

Revision and exam practise.

Years 7, 8 & 9:   2 x 70 minutes per week.
Year 10:                2 x 70 minutes per week.
Year 11:                2 x 70 & 1 x 35 minutes per week.