FEES (Per Term)
Nursery 1/2 day£50
Nursery 1 day£77
Early Years – Nursery Full time£2,980
Early Years – Reception£3,080
Year 1£3,170
Year 2£3,170
Year 3£3,350
Year 4£3,350
Year 5£3,420
Year 6£3,420
Year 7£3,530
Year 8£3,610
Year 9£3,610
Year 10£4,030
Year 11£4,030
Year 12 (Academic)£4,030
Student Foundation (Vocational)£2,400
Student Yr13 Yr14 (Vocational)£2,520
Registration Fees & Deposits
Registration fee School£350
Deposit (Refundable)£150
Deposit for Nursery (Refundable)£50
Dance Classes (Children)£5.50
Dance Classes (Adult)£6.50
Private Lessons£19.00
Licentiate lessons£22

Payment is due three times a year.  A termly school dinner charge is included in the fees.

Examination fees for vocational and academic subjects are not included.

G.C.S.E. examination fees are divided over three termly bills, starting in Year 10 so that all fees are paid before the examination session starts. GCSE Charge £600 divided over three terms

Should a reader, scribe or invigilator be required, additional fees may apply.

Any outstanding fee of any sort would mean that a pupil is not eligible to take the examinations.


One full term’s written notice must be tendered for withdrawal of a pupil from Pattison and Private Tuition or the fees have to be paid in lieu of notice.  On receipt of notice the school will issue an official receipt.

All fees must be paid before commencement of term. A surcharge of £100 will be levied on all fees not paid by the due date with no exceptions.

Fees are based on the number of weeks in the school year as each term varies in length and may not be refunded if a pupil leaves or is absent from part of the course for any reason.

A non-refundable deposit of £500 is required on acceptance of a place, £150.00 of which will be retained and refunded upon leaving school. A payment in advance Standing Order facility is available – details on application.

For information about fees and accounts e-mail accounts@pattisons.co.uk

Fees are assessed and you are notified of any increase annually at Easter for the next academic year.

Fees In Advance Scheme

Please find below some information regarding the Fees In Advance Scheme offered by the School.