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Everyone is taught music from the Early Years to the Three Year Musical Theatre students by Mr Josh.

Early Years  

Autumn Term: Exploring Sounds, Nursery Rhymes 1
Spring Term: Nursery Rhymes 2, Story Telling
Summer Term: Counting Songs, Moving to Music

Key Stage 1 Years 1 & 2

Autumn Term: Day & Night, Prize Giving Performance, Musical Elements, Carol Service Performance
Spring Term: Marches & Processions, The Seasons
Summer Term: Dancing & Games, Food & Farming

Key Stage 2 Years 3 & 4

Autumn Term: Invaders, Prize Giving Performance, Music of the Olden Days, Carol Service Performance
Spring Term: Contrasts & Accompaniments, Operas and Musicals
Summer Term: Music Around the World, Pictures in Sounds, Leamington Festival

Key Stage 2 Years 5 &6:

Autumn Term: Musical Textures, Prize Giving Performance, Victorian Christmas, Carol Service Performance
Spring Term: Chords, Europe
Summer Term: East Meets West, Enjoying Singing, Leamington Festival

Key Stages 3 & 4

In the Senior School music is taught as a non examination subject.

Mr Josh takes Years 7 to 10 for singing lessons.

Autumn Term: Pitch & Rhythm, Prize Giving Performance, Elements of Music, Carol Service Performance
Spring Term: Music of Java & Bali, Major & Minor
Summer Term: Voices in Layers, Ragtime Music

Years 9 & 10

Autumn Term: Saint-Saens and Danse Macabre, Prize Giving Performance, Programme Music, Carol Service Performance
Spring Term:      Gospel & Jazz, Vocal Chants
Summer Term: Motifs in Music, Minimalism

Years 7 & 8:       1 x 70 minutes per week.
Year 9:                 1 x 35 minutes per week.
Year 10:               1 x 35 minutes per week.

Junior & Senior Choir

Autumn Term:  Prize Giving Performance, Carol Service Performance
Spring Term:      Concert with Cubbington Silver Band
Summer Term: Leamington Festival and/or School Show

Private Tuition

From the age of 7 pupils may have individual tuition in the following subjects:

Guitar taught by Mr Hjelvik
Piano taught by Mr Josh
Singing taught by Miss Amanda

Recorder lessons are available for Prep School pupils from Year 2.

Pupils are encouraged to join the Junior and Senior choirs which take part in performances throughout the year, as well as successfully competing in the Leamington Competitive Festival, Rotary Inter School Young Entertainers and other local festivals and competitions.  There is also a small Chamber Choir which is invited to sing at various charity events.

Pupils are encouraged to take examinations with ABRSM (Piano) and LCM (Singing).