Children enter the Senior School at 11 and follow courses based on the National Curriculum which lead to G.C.S.E. examinations in the following traditional 8 subjects as well as OCR Nationals in ICT:

English LanguageEnglish Literature
hematics, Combined Science (double award)French, History, 

Non-examination subjects include Art until Year 10, RE, PSHEE, Citizenship and Music.

Homework is set regularly and is an important part of a pupil’s education, developing the ability to study independently.  Parents are asked to check and sign the homework diary at least once a week, more if possible.  A classroom is available in After School Care for Study.

Assessment & Reporting in the Senior School

Pupils’ work is marked and assessed on a regular basis. Examinations for Years 7, 8 & 9 take place in the Summer Term.  Years 10 & 11 take exams twice a year.

There are four opportunities for formal contact with parents; two Parents’ Evenings and two reports, one of which is an interim report in the Autumn Term for years 7, 8 & 9.  Parents are reminded in regular news letters never to hesitate to contact school if they have any concerns.

Sport in the Senior School

Most pupils coming to Pattisons take advantage of the vast range of dance activities and an individual timetable is designed for each pupil, based on their interest, experience and ability.  They must take at least three “physical” classes a week but most do considerably more.

A Sports Club takes place three times a week at lunchtimes for those who are not dance enthusiasts.  During the Spring and Summer Terms members of Sports Club  take part in squash lessons and use the Gym facilities at nearby Coventry and North Warwickshire Cricket Club.