Murder Most Foul

Thursday, 25th November proved to be a memorable day at Pattison College Senior School. For the pupils not involved in the trip to see ‘Mama Mia’ in London, Mrs Patria and Mrs Carson devised a cross-curricular project for the remaining dozen or so Years 7 to 10 pupils, and which also involved the Staff assuming some very different roles!


Mrs Carson assumed the persona of her alter-ego, Dame Bunty Slapcabbage. This particular incarnation saw Dame Bunty as the Principal of Pattison’s, presiding over a school reunion. The pupils projected themselves twenty years into the future, and mingled, wine glasses in hand, reacquainting themselves with their former classmates. There were actors, businessmen, an archaeologist and a journalist among the alumni. Just as Dame Bunty was about to make a speech, a dead body was discovered in the garden!


Enter Professor Patria as the SOC officer who very efficiently sealed off the area with tape, and placed yellow markers next to the few pieces of evidence found at the scene – a wine glass, some fibres, an unexplained powder and an anonymous note found in the pocket of the deceased. For added authenticity, we also had a chalked outline of the dead body.

Police Officers Bath, Clarke, Dodd, Harrison and North took witness statements from everyone before they were allowed to go to lunch. Sergeant Dodd warned that some people may be recalled for further questioning, and no one was to leave the country.


In the forensics lab, everyone worked hard analysing the clues. Fingerprints were taken for elimination purposes, the fibres were examined under the microscope, and the powder was tested to determine its provenance. The conclusion reached was that Lan had been poisoned, and after further questioning it was determined that Isaac Early was the guilty person!


To complete the project, the final act took place in the busy newsroom of a national newspaper, where  everyone assumed the role of eager-beaver journalists reporting on the tragic death of successful, but troubled businessman, Lan.

It was a great success and a delight to have four year groups working together with different subject teachers in a cross-curricular project. And the winning headline –