Depending on whether your focus is on performing or obtaining teaching qualifications, timetables are constructed to meet the student’s individual needs through consultation with the Head of Performing Arts. The progress of each student continues to be closely monitored throughout the course and timetables are adapted as examinations are taken.

Will I take examinations?

Yes, students are encouraged to take external examinations both as performers and where the necessary standards have been achieved, as teachers in recognised examination boards. From April 2016 the International Dance Teachers Association (IDTA) Associate Teaching exam will be brought into line with other OFQUAL examinations and will be known as a Level 4 Diploma in Dance Teaching (A Levels are a Level 3 Qualification).

Students will have the opportunity to take the Level 4 Diploma in the four core Theatre subjects of Ballet, Tap, Modern and Theatrecraft, as well as performance examinations.

What examination boards are studied?

  • Ballet: I.D.T.A.
  • Tap I.D.T.A.
  • Modern: I.D.T.A.
  • Theatre Craft: I.D.T.A.
  • Freestyle: I.D.T.A.
  • Speech & Drama: L.A.M.D.A.
  • Singing: London College of Music

Will I have the chance to teach?

In a well established theatre school like Pattisons, there is ample opportunity for the enthusiastic student teacher to assist in various activities with younger pupils – show rehearsals, examination sessions, summer school, performing arts workshops etc. Invaluable experience in the preparation for teaching qualifications is gained by assisting in classes with younger pupils at the Coventry studios, throughout the week at lunchtimes, after school and on Saturdays.

Student teachers are also given the chance to practise teaching under the guidance of our senior staff.

During the ISI inspection in September 2014, Inspectors noted that “Post-16 courses in theatre arts are extremely successful in achieving the school’s aim of enabling pupils to develop their interests and talents, and in preparing them for their chosen careers. Many of these pupils graduate as teachers of dance or move on to other careers in performing arts.”

What about performing?

All students are given the opportunity to participate in various productions staged at the College or the local theatre, thus enabling them to gain performance experience.

They are also involved in professional engagements including cabaret, fashion shows, advertising and pantomimes, although students are not allowed to undertake any professional work during their training without approval of the Principal or Head of Performing Arts. Equally, Students must consult with the Head of Performing Arts before attending auditions.

How much will the course cost?

A fee list is included with this prospectus. Tuition, outings and a wholesome, healthy lunch, that is cooked on the premises, are included in the fees.

Could I get a scholarship?

Two scholarships, one Singing and one Drama, each giving one free private lesson per week, may be available for particularly gifted students.

When do the fees have to be paid?

Fees are due before the start of each term. A monthly standing order facility can be set up to help spread the expense.

How long is the term?

There are approximately 40 working weeks, divided into 3 terms, each with one week’s half term break.

Are there any extra expenses involved?

Apart from tuition fees and dance wear there a few additional expenses of which parents and students should be aware.

A breakdown of these expenses is enclosed with this prospectus and includes things such as examination fees, uniform and optional private lessons.

We always do our best to keep these costs as low as possible.

Where will I live?

Coventry is a university town and there is a wide variety of student accommodation available in the area.

Is it possible to study A levels at the same time?

The demands of the course are such that we would suggest that anyone wanting to do ‘A’ levels should consider completing them before joining us, so that they can really concentrate on their course.

The staff would be only too pleased to offer guidance as to the best course of action.

What will my employment prospects be like?

Excellent! We have many successful past students who have performed and are performing in the West End, on television, films, cruise ships such as the Queen Mary 2, all over the world!

Former Pattison students regularly appear in West End Productions and indeed worldwide. In Cabaret work at the Lido, the Moulin Rouge, Japan, Canada and America as well as in the ever expanding cruise lines business, Pattison students abound!

Others choose to teach Dance and have set up schools not only in Britain but in New Zealand, Norway, Spain, Portugal, Canada and America to mention but a few. Promotional work, choreography, television, the pop industry – the list is endless! Pattison students have a reputation for hard work and professionalism, as a result of the demanding standards expected of them by the staff.