Pupils Raise £1000 for Charity

Pupils in Lanchester House were delighted to present a cheque for £1000 to Mr John Clegg, a retired orthopaedic surgeon. Mr Clegg joined this morning’s assembly to talk to the children about his charitable work in India.

Mr Clegg leads a team of doctors, who all give their time voluntarily, to set up “Polio Corrective Surgery camps” in poor areas of India.  At the last trip, 4 weeks ago, they saw 145 outpatients, 28 for operations on day 1 and 45 for operations on day 2.

Over the last few years Polio has been eradicated by their work in India.

Mr Clegg showed the children a slide show of the conditions they work in and some of the children who have attend “the camps”.  He told us about how the money raised helps the children, many of whom are known as “The Pattisons Children”, our last donation enabled the team to buy new operating tools to replace old ones they had been given.