Safer Internet Day

Useful tips were given to every pupil:

    1. Think before you post – Be wise on what you post because anyone can view it and it may not be deleted. People may screenshot it and share it to others making you lose control of it.
    2. Sharing personal details – Keep your address, phone number, full name, school, and date of birth private. You may also want a private account.
    3. Never give out your password – Never give out your password, make sure you choose a strong password and easy to remember.

Attached is some of the work from Safer Internet Day. The day went well, as we celebrated how pupils can play their part in making online activity a safer place and space; focussing particularly on respectful online relationships. Lessons consisted of assembly and group discussions, quizzes, poster creation and a small Year 7 group performed a drama scene on how to be kind and respectful online. Well done and thank you to all pupils.