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There is no other school quite like Pattison College! This small, non-selective independent school is almost like a village school.  There is a real family atmosphere with only 122 pupils aged from 3 to 16 and never more than 16 in a class.

We believe in traditional values and will accept pupils at any stage in their school career whom it considers would benefit from a traditional education where discipline, hard work, good manners and concern for others are an important part of the school ethos.

The individual matters at Pattisons. The qualified and experienced staff know their pupils who, in such small classes, achieve their potential, with not only pleasing examination results at all Key Stages, but ever growing confidence and self-esteem.

Having visited our web site, I hope you will want to visit the school and see for yourself what we have to offer.  We look forward to meeting you.

JCP Taylor FRSA 

Early Years Prep School Senior School

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