Payment Of Fees

Fees are paid termly in advance. A monthly Standing Order Facility can be arranged at a small extra charge but payment is still made in advance. (Details from the accounts office).

Fees (valid until Easter 2019)

From £2195 for full-time Early Years (less for pupils with vouchers) to £2965 for Year 11. A fee list may be downloaded here.

A 10% sibling reduction is applied to the fees of a second full-time child, with the possibility of a further reduction for a third child.

N.B. Unlike most Independent Schools which are open for 34 weeks a year, Pattison College is open for just under 38 weeks.

Fees include Stationery etc. up to G.C.S.E. level, outings, Drama and Music lessons taken in class, Prep School swimming and sports centre lessons and one Dance class of each type of dance per week. Payment is due three times a year. A termly school dinner charge is added to the fees.

Examination fees for vocational and academic subjects are not included, nor are holidays abroad and activity holidays.

All fees must be paid and cleared before the commencement of term. A surcharge of £100 will be levied on any fees not paid by the due date with no exceptions.

Fees are based on the number of weeks in the school year, as each term varies in length. Fees are not refunded if a pupil leaves or is absent from part of the course for any reason.

A payment in advance Standing Order facility is available. For details about fees and accounts e-mail:

Withdrawal of a pupil

One full term’s written notice or payment of the subsequent term’s fees in lieu is required.